The Income Generator objective is to deliver a steady attractive income return backed by solid retirement village assets

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Why does Senior Trust lend only to the retirement village sector?  The provision of quality retirement village housing in New Zealand is expanding massively to keep up with the burgeoning demand. 

The post war baby boomers started turning 70 in 2016, and that demand is going to surge. It is a sector in which the management team and their predecessors at Senior Trust have been involved since 1999 and has seen investors enjoy attractive returns from 4 previous retirement village investment offerings.

Applying the management team experience and involvement in villages throughout the country, Senior Trust carefully selects the Retirement Villages and Aged Care facilities the Income Generator lends to by way of mortgage secured loans.  


The Income Generator targeted distribution rate has been set by the Directors at a rate of 6% pre-tax (per annum). The Manager (Senior Trust Management Limited) of the Income Generator has a long history of delivering investors steady attractive returns by entering into committed contracts for loans to selected retirement villages and aged care facilities. The Manager intends to maintain the history of superior returns by paying a pay a consistent, reliable and attractive return to our Shareholders. Distributions are paid quarterly.


Senior Trust Retirement Village Fund:  

Portfolio C

Purpose: Whitby Lakes Village Matured and Fully Repaid


Senior Trust Retirement Village Fund: 

Portfolio D

Purpose: Multi retirement village funding
Matured and Fully Repaid


Senior Trust Retirement Village Fund Issue:

Portfolio E
Purpose: Multi retirement village funding
​Repaid February 2018


​Senior Trust Retirement

Village Listed  Fund Issue:

Purpose: Multi retirement  village mortgage funding
​Repaid February 2021

Investors in the Senior Trust Retirement Village Listed Fund enjoyed a return of better than 6.00%pa pre-tax over the life of the investment.

Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns. However, The Manager intends to maintain the history of superior returns and deliver attractive quarterly income distributions to investors.


The Income Generator is a continuous offer with no maturity date. We understand that many of our investors have been investing in the retirement sector for a long period of time and are at a stage of life when they need to have a degree of flexibility to cater for future events.


The Income Generator intends to meet our investors need for flexibility by offering a means of exit for investors who have a change of circumstance and need to cash in some or all of their investment. A funded buy-back arrangement with the Manager has been put in place whereby the Manager can offer to buy back Shares from Shareholders wishing to cash out. This arrangement has the objective of providing an easy efficient withdrawal mechanism for investors who provide the requisite notice.


This not a guaranteed buyback for all shares on offer but is intended to be an orderly efficient mechanism for those investors who have a change of circumstance. We are seeking investors who want a steady income and stable capital value throughout a medium-term investment. To encourage investment for the medium term, fees will be charged on Shares bought back in the first two years of investment. Further information can be found in the Product Disclosure Statement.


“Senior Trust’s concept of funding well- established and well-managed retirement villages has strong appeal together with an attractive interest rate. We have high regard for their integrity and management. We will be increasing our investment and would certainly recommend Senior Trust to others.”

John, Rangiora


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