Our objective is to deliver a steady attractive income return backed by solid retirement village assets

What return can I expect?

 The Manager (Senior Trust Management Limited) of the Senior Trust Retirement Village Income Generator (“Income Generator”) has a long history of delivering investors steady attractive returns by entering into committed contracts for loans to selected retirement villages and aged care facilities. The Manager intends to maintain the history of superior returns and deliver regular quarterly income distributions to investors. 

The chart below shows the aggregated income that could have been earned if $10,000 was invested in the prior portfolio’s managed by the Manager over an 8 year period. The pre-tax earnings of $5,596, equates to a hypothetical average annualized return of 6.90% per annum. Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns. However we are committed to maintaining the Mangers successful track record. 

The Income Generator distribution policy is set at the discretion of the directors and is currently at a rate of 6%pa pre tax.

Aggregated Income earned on $10,000

​A Specialist Lender To The Retirement Village Industry

Senior Trust has a management team with a depth of specialist industry knowledge that has evolved through expertise gained in association with funding retirement villages and aged care facilities throughout New Zealand since 2010. Our objective is to lend to retirement and aged care operators in a way that protects investors capital, as well as enabling us to pay a consistent, reliable and attractive return.

We aim to deliver our objectives, by using sound investment policies developed over time:

  • Lending to carefully selected, well located and soundly run retirement villages.

  • Senior Trust limits lending to any one retirement village to a maximum of 75% of the valuation of the village as determined by an independent registered valuation.

  • Security grows through any appreciation in asset value of the retirement villages or aged care facilities loaned to.

  • Conservative approach to lending has consistently maintained our commitment to investors.

  • Support operators who are capable, experienced and with a substantial financial commitment to their village.

  • Lend to Retirement Villages in a location with proven demographic demand.

  • Ensure that retirement and aged care operators have a material stake in the Aged Care Facility or Retirement Village, provide personal guarantees or similar covenants in respect of all loans

  • Protection of investor return is paramount.

  •  Growth will be at a measured pace and confined to the retirement industry.

  •  PIE taxed, quarterly distributions. 


Our track record of success

17 Retirement Villages Nationwide


For the past 10 years the Senior Trust management team have been delivering steady attractive returns from solid Retirement Village assets.

Strong growth in the retirement village industry

The factors that in our view make lending to the retirement village and aged care sector attractive for the Fund:

  • Grey Tsunami - baby boom at the end of the Second World War. In 2016, the first of these post-war baby boomers turn 70.

  • Growing popularity of retirement village living.

  • Retirement Village living is an attractive way for seniors to cash up the Family Home. 

  • The industry is orderly, well regulated and provides a quality lifestyle for retirees.

  • Senior New Zealander's are becoming more aware of the need for security, care facilities and opportunities for socialization.


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It is important to note when investing that past performance is no guarantee of future performance. A minimum subscription of $1,000 applies. Applications will only be received on the application form supplied with the Product Disclosure Statement. Please ensure you read the Product Disclosure Statement prior to investing. It is important to note that our dividend distribution policy is set at the discretion of the directors and is not a fixed rate of return. Note that payment of dividends is not guaranteed.

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