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Why is Senior Trust a
superior form of investment?

There are many reasons why people might choose to invest in Senior Trust's funds. But typically we find that the compelling reasons are;

1. A History of Attractive Returns

Since 2010 the retirement village sector has been delivering investors steady attractive returns backed by solid Retirement Village assets.

Our objective is to lend to retirement and aged care operators in a way that protects investors capital, as well as enabling us to pay a consistent, reliable and attractive return to our Shareholders at steady attractive income return.


2. Steady Income Backed by Solid Assets

An independent registered valuer assesses the market value of the assets offered by the borrower as security for the Loan.

We ensure that retirement and aged care operators have a material stake in the Aged Care Facility or Retirement Village, provide personal guarantees or similar covenants in respect of all loans and that total Fund and prior ranking lending is limited to 75% of an independently assessed value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why invest in Senior Trust Retirement Village Income Generator?

For more than 10 years, as specialist lenders to the Retirement Village sector, the Senior Trust management team have been committed to meeting investors’ desire for a steady attractive income by funding the expansion and operation of Retirement Villages and Aged Care facilities that provide a high standard of living for senior New Zealander's. 

This provides you insight in to how Senior Trust can deliver an attractive steady return. Senior Trust's objective is to enter into loans to selected Retirement Villages and Aged Care facilities which provide a flow of interest revenue - enabling a regular quarterly income distribution to Senior Trust's investors.

The Senior Trust management team has a strong history in delivering investors steady attractive returns 

Key Features Of The Senior Trust Retirement
Village Income Generator

  • Senior Trust limits lending to any one retirement village to a maximum of 75% of the valuation of the village as determined by an independent registered valuation

  • Support operators who are capable, experienced and with a substantial financial commitment to their village.

  • Lend to Retirement Villages in a location with proven demographic demand.

  • Protection of investor return is paramount.

  • Conservative approach to lending has consistently maintained our commitment to investors.

  • PIE taxed, quarterly distributions.

For the past 10 years the Senior Trust management team have been delivering steady attractive returns from solid Retirement Village assets.



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