Senior Trust Management Team has a strong track record. Some of the villages that the management team have been involved with.



A well-established retirement village on the Kapiti Coast that is home to 141 dwellings.

Built on the edge of a lake and right next door to the Whitby Shopping Centre makes this the ideal place to retire.




The perfect size in the ideal location. Just a few minutes walk to Orewa Beach, The Grove is a boutique retirement village.



73 townhouses and clubhouse on a 3.0ha green-fields site overlooking the lake edge in Wanaka.



A 233 villa and apartment development on 17ha of park-like grounds in Kerikeri. The development, when complete will include a 40 bed care facility and expansive clubhouse. 

Registered retirement village growth - recent trends

The first Baby Boomers turned 60 in 2006, signalling the start of a 20-year period when a huge wave of New Zealander's would reach the age of retirement. As medical breakthroughs enable Baby Boomers to live longer, they will create an increasingly powerful demand for more retirement villages and aged care facilities.

​New Zealand's Aging Population Forecast

​New Zealand's Aging Population Forecast
  • The aging population is leading to a growth in the retirement village sector.

  • Retirement village living is also becoming more attractive for many senior New Zealander's , due to added security and opportunities for socialisation.

  • Many retirement villages now have onsite aged care facilities and other health related support services which allows residents to 'age in place'.

Growth in the Retirement Village sector

Growth in the Retirement Village sector

The reasons for the strong growth in the retirement village industry include;

  • Grey Tsumani - baby boom which started in 1946 at the end of the Second World War. In 2016, the first of these post-war baby boomers turn 70

  • Growing popularity of retirement village living. At the end of 2015 around 12% of the over-75 population chose to live in a village; this is an increase from 10.5% at the end of 2013 and up from 9% at the end of 2012

  • Retirement Village living is affordable in comparison to the local residential market

  • Parents living with their children is declining in popularity


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