What our investors are saying...

In 2014, we surveyed our family of investors, 75% of whom have been investing in the retirement village sector since 2008, and some of whom first became investors in 1999 when Senior Trust Management Limited’s founding director worked with Vision Senior Living Limited to fund their first village.

The following statements are from investors whose involvement spans the decades of retirement village investment through either Vision Senior Living Limited or the funds offered since 1999.

"Senior Trust’s concept of funding well- established and well-managed retirement villages has strong appeal together with an attractive interest rate. We have high regard for their integrity and management. We will be increasing our investment and would certainly recommend Senior Trust to others.”

John, Rangiora

"I am a hands on investor, I've recently discovered Senior Trust and am keenly awaiting their next offer to increase my investment. I appreciate that Senior Trust pays an excellent interest rate – and on time. I have confidence in the company’s strict criteria for funding retirement developments."

Marion (Takaka)

“We are very comfortable with our investments in Senior Trust. We like the return and the security of the retirement village industry. Through the ups and downs of the investment markets the Senior Trust Team has been open and honest and we trust them”

Bill and Lorna, Auckland

“A solicitor invested with Vision Senior Living in the 1990s and suggested we do too so we’ve been with Senior Trust from the start and all that time have known them to be an honest guardian of our funds. We have confidence in the transparent management and approve the conditions that determine which developments the Trust puts funds into.”

Theresa and William, Bay of Plenty

I’m in my 70s and interested in retirement accommodation. When I sold my house I spread my money across the investment spectrum. I’ve stayed with Senior Trust – Vision Senior Living, since I first invested nearly 2 decades ago. I’ve never been short- changed. I trust the management. Senior Trust reliably delivers! I like the idea of financing what might be my future home.”

Alison, Rotorua


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It is important to note when investing that past performance is no guarantee of future performance. A minimum subscription of $1,000 applies. Applications will only be received on the application form supplied with the Product Disclosure Statement. Please ensure you read the Product Disclosure Statement prior to investing. It is important to note that our dividend distribution policy is set at the discretion of the directors and is not a fixed rate of return. Note that payment of dividends is not guaranteed.

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