Senior Trust Capital Limited
AGM 2021

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Ordinary Resolutions

1 That the board be authorised to determine and fix the auditor’s fees and expenses for the upcoming financial year
2 Andrew Todd Franicevic be re-elected as a Director of Senior Trust Capital Limited
3 John Llewellyn Jackson be re-elected as a Director of Senior Trust Capital Limited
4 Raymond Clive Jimmieson be elected as a Director of Senior Trust Capital Limited

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Director Profiles


Andrew Franicevic

Independent Director

Andrew graduated from Auckland University in 1993 with double degrees in law and accounting.  Andrew practices commercial law as a partner in Foley Hughes.  Andrew has specialist expertise in the retirement sector and has acted for Senior Trust Capital since its incorporation.  He has a long association with members of the Senior Trust Management team and has advised the board in regard to a number of significant transactions.

John Jackson-260x172.jpg

John Jackson

Executive Director

John has been involved in making investments in the retirement village and aged care industry for many years.  In particular, John has been instrumental in retail offerings for a wide range of commercial property and retirement village entities as an advisor, director or manager.

Clive Jimmieson-260x172.jpg

Clive Jimmieson  

Independent Director 

Clive has a Bachelor of Management Studies from Waikato University and is a former Chartered Accountant in the commercial arena.  He has held variety of senior roles in General Management, Finance, Marketing and Strategic planning, in both public and private businesses. Clive was Head of Compliance for an NZX Main Board Listed MIS fund. Clive is also a Member of the Institute of Directors.