Senior Trust Retirement Village Income Generator

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To complete the documentation to redeem units from the Senior Trust Retirement Village Listed Fund and transfer into the Senior Trust Retirement Village Income Generator, simply complete the payment direction form below.

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This Payment Direction form represents an offer to purchase shares in Senior Trust Retirement Village Income Generator Limited. The terms of the offer are described in the current Product Disclosure Statement posted on this website. You should read the Product Disclosure Statement before you make an application for shares please click here

Payment Direction for Redemption of Senior Trust Retirement Village Listed Fund Units

Senior Trust Management Limited as Manager of Senior Trust Retirement Village Listed Fund (Listed Fund) (the Manager) and The New Zealand Guardian Trust Company Limited, trading as Guardian Trust (as Supervisor of the Listed Fund).

If this is a joint application please fill in the details below of the second Applicant

IRD NUMBER (Both IRD numbers are required in respect of a joint application)

Applicant One - 

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I / We wish to subscribe for shares in the Senior Trust Retirement Village Income Generator Limited additional to my /our Redemption Proceeds, in the following NZ $ Amount:  


Additional investment must be in multiples of $1000 and payment can be made by cheque or bank transfer to:

Income Generator Applications account 02 0108 0504403:00


or post cheques to: Po Box 113 120 Newmarket 1149


By signing this Application Form:

  1. I/We acknowledge that I/we have been provided the PDS for Senior Trust Retirement Village Income Generator Ltd with this Application Form and Payment Direction.

  2. I/We hereby direct you to apply all My Redemption Proceeds from my/our units in the Listed Fund solely towards an investment in shares in Senior Trust Retirement Village Income Generator Ltd, upon the terms and conditions of the PDS.  The number of shares to be allotted to me will be calculated according to the Share Issue Price as described in the PDS.

  3. I confirm and agree that the full proceeds of redemption should be directed to the following bank account;
    Income Generator Applications Account: 02-0108-0504403-000


The information in this Application Form is provided to enable the Company to process your application, and to administer your investment.  By signing this Application Form, you authorise the Company to disclose information in situations where the Company are required or permitted to do so by any applicable law or by a governmental, judicial or regulatory entity or authority in any jurisdiction. If you are an individual under the Privacy Act 1993, you have the right to access and correct any of your personal information.

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