Since 2010 members of Senior Trust’s management team has been associated with funding retirement villages throughout New Zealand.  The Senior Trust management team provide services under a Management Services Agreement. This enables our investors to benefit from a depth of expertise and specialist industry knowledge.

"Over the past two decades of personal involvement in the industry, the most satisfying aspect has been the ability to meet the expectations of our investors"  ​John Jackson

  • Our strategy is simple: lending to carefully selected, well located and soundly run retirement villages.

  • Senior Trust limits lending to any one retirement village to a maximum of 75% of the valuation of the village as determined by an independent registered valuation.

  • ​Our conservative approach to lending and our sole focus as a specialist investor to the retirement village industry has consistently maintained the commitment to investors.

In addition to steady returns, there is a peace of mind that comes from supporting quality housing solutions for senior New Zealander's.

​The team at Senior Trust is committed to providing you, as an investor in our fund, with regular quarterly distributions.


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